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Our Services

Executive Search

This Search division specialises in recruiting for senior management roles for Corporates. Our proprietary database, network with professionals globally, and talent intelligence gathering systems are some of the tools that enable us to approach a better percentage of potential candidates, and track their careers.

Middle Level Hiring

This Search division specialises in recruiting for Junior and middle management roles for Corporates. We work closely with organisations to meet their recruitment needs by managing their end to end recruitment process with special accent on excellence.

Resume Mining

This is cost efficient model for clients having a mass scale hiring plan at entry/Junior level positions. This Model is designed to support clients who need to complete the recruitment process but do not have all the internal HR systems in place, or are in expanding mode and needs support from external partners to complete the hiring process without losing any time.

Model 1 & 2 : Executive Search and Middle Level Hiring

Model 3: Resume Mining

  • Fixed fee and all above mentioned % to be defined basis discussion and agreement with Client
  • Does not apply to Senior Management Profiles
  • No replacement is applicable if the candidate leaves within 6 months